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Tech Tip: Editor used for configuration file editing

Hi All   Please can I ask you to pay attention to the editor you use for making changes to configuration files. So use Notepad for Windows and vi for Unix. Means no extra characters are placed in the file. Example carriage return. If you were to view the file in Notepad++ and do...

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Tech Tip: VAIM Console Template Policy tree load latency

For anyone having what they consider extreme slowness in the expansion of the policy/template tree.   It has been found that this latency directly correlates to the amount of Policies and Template files and the contents of c:\programdata\ca\sm\caismwebservice\user defined profiles. This...

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Tech Tip: SRM initial alert

Hi   The SysEdge (SRM) 5.8.0 sends an initial alert when SRM policy from VAIM is applied. By upgrading to 5.8.2 this will stop the initial alert from being sent.   Kind Regards Barb

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Tech Tip - Language setting web browser

Hi   If you have come across any of these situations:     > CAAM7301 Failed to get list of all services when setting up a Discover > Events tab - the Date and time of events appear but when expanded they contain no data     Please check the...

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Remove VC from VAIM all VMs disappear

Hi   Just some quick advice.   After removing the vcenter server from vaim console all the vms are also removed from the VAIM console.   Please note this is expected behaviour.     Kind Regards Barb    

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Tech Tip - SRM AIM uninstall command on Unix

To uninstall the agent or an AIM on UNIX using lsm   Open a terminal console and log in as root (su). Run the appropriate command from the following list: lsm -e CA SystemEDGE SRM lsm -e CA SystemEDGE AdvancedEncryption lsm -e CA SystemEDGE Core   In case of...