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Tech Tip: CA SOI - Database query to view Alerts from a specific time period

Introduction: We need a database query to export/view the alert history from the SOI database for last 6 months.  Instructions: The Alerts database table will hold this information, we would usually recommend you work with your DBA to create a query based on that table. Here is an...

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The Spotlight Approach to Service-Driven Management: Workshops Illuminate the Path to Success

For many customers, the process of building meaningful services models in CA SOI can seem daunting. They encounter numerous challenges, such as issues with the underlying domain management layer and/or deploying multiple services with generic data sources, which leads to poor results—and...

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KPN Incorporates Application & Infrastructured Monitoring Information Into Business Service Models

KPN is the leading provider of telecom and IT services in the Netherlands, with several brands to serve consumers, businesses and large corporations, locally and abroad. KPN has been using CA Spectrum® and CA eHeath® for more than 10 years and was one of the earliest adopters of CA...

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SOI Tech Tip:  UIM Connector UIM Database connect credentials after CA_UIM Database moved to another SQL Server

When the CA UIM Database of the UIM Server is moved to another SQL Server, the new connection credentials can be updated in the UIM Connectors configuration file CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\<hostname> CatalystConnector\modules\configuration\Nimsoftconnector.xml...

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SOI Tech Tip:  CA SAM Application Server does not startup after RO92514 for SOI 4.0 CUM1

After application of the Java Certificate patch RO92514 for SOI 4.0 CUM1 the CA SAM Application Service does not startup anymore.   You will see the following error messages in the soimgr-debug.log file in the SOI\tomcat\logs folder on the SOI Manager:   2016-10-13 13:13:15,440...

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SOI Tech Tip: The Disk where SOI UI Server is installed run out of Disk Space

The files in the folder SOI\SamUI\solr\data\index are the cause of this and this files are only of interest when you use the USM WebView from the SOI Web Interface. In order to resolve this situation please stop the CA SAM Store Indexer service on the SOI UI Server and delete \solr\data\index...

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June 2016 Webcast Replay - CA UIM Integration: Queue Name

Abstract:   As an Administrator learn how to configure the message queue name for the integration between SOI and UIM.Especially when using a different name for the queue (not using the default), you have to perform this step and you have to know what else to consider prior to...