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Tech Tip - Not Seeing the Text Report option for certain search objects in CA Repository for z/OS WebStation Option

Not seeing the Text Reports option for certain search objects in CA Repository for z/OS WebStation Option Document ID:   TEC1952385     Issue: The Text Report option may not be visible for certain search objects after selecting Report Processing from the Actions...

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Repository Tip - PDF Report Generation Failure in WebStation Option

Clicking the 'Generate PDF' button in WebStation Option for a generated report may fail with the following HTTP Status 500 Exception. Review of the console log for the application server running WSO shows that the exception is occurring due to a '' in the Temp...

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Repository Tip - Group Profile Administration in WSO

When accessing CA Repository Webstation Option, if users are going to share user IDs or use the generic user ID defined in the WSO server configuration file, WSOServerProperties.xml, to automatically log in, all users using that User ID can access the same user profiles. This means that any of...

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Repository Tip - java.lang.NullPointerException in WSO Tabs

Clicking the Finder and Categories Tabs in WSO may result in the following errors returned on the screen   Finder Categories In Addition, both the Repository and Profile Administration Tabs may return no result set at all   Repository Profile...

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Repository Tip: Backing up the CA Repository for z/OS

The CA Repository for z/OS environment contains two distinct sets of DB2 tables:   ■ Control tables that store information about repository products   ■ Repository tables that store and retrieve entity attributes   What Components Must Be Backed Up?   The...

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Repository Tip - Deleting objects by status

The CA Repository for z/OS provides a utility, PRMSTAT, that reports on, and optionally deletes, all data within a specified status.   The PRMSTAT utility: Does not delete the status from the control tables Does not delete any data from the workstation table (DBX WORKSTATION D) ...

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Repository Tip: CA Repository Exchange for Oracle - Trace File

Upon initiation of the Oracle Exchange (execution of the prextr orc.exe) using either the GUI or batch process, a check is made to see if the trace log, ScanOrc.log, exists in the installation directory. If it does not exist, it is created and following two records are written to the file. &...

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Repository Tip: Last Dialog & Entity Type not displaying

Description: In Release 7.2, the last dialog/entity type accessed is not displaying when logging into the ISPF Interface. The Dialog and Type have to be re-selected. Solution: Select PROFILE.DEFAULTS from the panel. Then select SAVE. You will get a message 'DEFAULTS SAVED...

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Repository Tip: Microsoft Excel input --> Metadata Repository DBXLOAD

Description Do you use the DBXLOAD utility to load metadata into the Repository? If yes, have you loaded data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into the CA Repository For z/OS?  If so, you may have found that text fields in your Excel sheet do not remain fixed when uploading to a...