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Re: Hi All, I have been asked to schedule an event based on different time zone (IST) Current the local system time is Central time. Please advise

powdo03 #daylightsavingtime #espmainframe Hi Don, Apologies for the delay!. Stuck up with a project work. I have created a below test event EVENT ID(DP.DALD PUSHTEST) SYSTEM(DALD) REPLACE SCHEDULE 02.00 IST MONTHLY STARTING TUE 21ST MAY 2019 INVOKE 'DPCJCDS0.ESPWORK.PROC(PUSHTEST)' ...

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Re: Prompt set UC_DATATYPE_TIME fields displayed with AM/PM in AWI

I did some testing, and confirmed the following: In the JUI, the time format makes no difference. All UC DATATYPE TIME prompt set fields are displayed in HH:MM format, regardless of the time format setting. In the AWI, the time format determines how UC DATATYPE TIME prompt set fields are...