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Re: Upgrading to Spectrum 10.2.0 in fault tolerant environment could cause SpectroSERVER to crash

Hi, I had this problem upgrading 10.1.1 to 10.2 running on RedHat 5.9 Error message to help other users: SPC-OCP-10049: The SpectroSERVER process terminated with a Segmentation Violation #caspectrum10.2 #10.2 #terminated #segmentation #violation #update []s VW

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Someone has installed the Spectrum OneClick on a SpectroServer?

I currently have a server with the role of SpectroServer in product version 10.2.1. At this time I need to install Spectrum OneClick on this same server without removing the SS role. The CA documentation indicates that base version 10.2 should be installed for this case and then add update to...