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RE: siteminder authorization issue with kerberos

The issue is resolved by adding SSOZoneName parameter in ACO for the agent. It was requirement based on the setting we have in our environment. Since authentication was going in loop due to cookie issue related to SSOZoneName, it was not reaching authorization step.

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siteminder authorization issue with kerberos

Hi all, we are having a very strange issue with siteminder. We have siteminder 6.x and kerberos authscheme and it is working perfectly fine. Now we are migrating to siteminder 12.8. I configured siteminder 12.8 with kerberos and checked all principalname and tokens and policy server is able to...

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Any SiteMinder professionals looking for their next challange?

I'm a recruiter who is currently hiring for a #siteminder Specialists in the #Raleigh , NC area. It's been a very difficult skillset to locate. Any idea of good resources to use to find these professionals in that area? or anyone on here located in #Raleigh or willing to relocate open for an...

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Tech Tip: fix for when Access Gateway returns redirect to HTTP: rather than HTTPS:

Summary : Sometimes CA SSO Access Gateway (Ag) can return a 302 redirect to a HTTP (port 80) location, when a HTTPS (port 443) location was expected. In Access Gateway Apache mod headers module can be used to fix the returned Location: header - as explained below. Issue : ...

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& character in username cannot login

Hi, Username contains & character and logic.fcc is not allowing to login with vaild credentials. I have checked the logs but couldnt find why this is happening. Could someone help me out? Regards- Yashpal #ssositeminder #ssosecurity

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smsession cookie of one environment is overriding the cookie of another environment

We have 3 different environments, Dev,Test and Production. For some reason, Client wants to access them in the same browser. If Client has accessed test environment and then he logs in to the production environment then Production smsession cookie overrides the existing cookie for Test however...

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How to use the SMAUTH_CHALLENGE response during user authentication phase in authenticate() method?

What is the SMAUTH CHALLENGE response used for in the Authentication Phase of the authenticate() method of the SMJavaAPI? I am creating a Custom Authentication Scheme. Can this be used to redirect the user to another FCC page to collect additional information? Is the "challenge" meant for ...

SSO Agent for Sharepoint 64bit

Please provide a 64 bit SSO Agent For Sharepoint.  #casitemindersharepointagent #64bit

Under review | Symantec Access Management

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RelayState truncated in SAML 2.0

Hi, I am using CA identityMinder and SiteMInder in an infrastructure to protect a cloud application. I remarked that the relayState parameter sent to the service provider is truncated. I saw in some old publications that to solve that I can try to URL-encode the relay state parameter https:/...