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Modify Field "Comments" in Unified Self Service (USS)

Good morning Community, In a client, the Unified Self Service (USS) tool is installed and integrated with the Service Catalog (SC), Process Automation (PAM) and Service Desk Manager (SDM) applications to generate different types of requests to be managed by resolution groups


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RE: unable to uncheck common components while installing fresh sdm

The following documentation needs to be followed when moving a SQL Server hosted MDB: -- Paul Coccimiglio Principal Support Engineer Broadcom Inc

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RE: .exe extension in attachment

Please follow this documentation to prohibit EXE files from being uploaded to a SDM repository Note that you need to right-click on the Repository itself and select EDIT to make this change. -- Paul Coccimiglio Principal Support Engineer Broadcom Inc

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Service Management - Roadmap presentation events?

Are there plans to bring these events back for Service Management? Regards, J.W

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workflow task should not approve before attaching document

Focus Search - Hello we have classic workflow implemented in Request Management in servicedesk 17.1 having 16 workflow tasks  Task 1--> Manager (Approved or Reject) Task 2--> HRO (Approved or Reject) Task 3--> Finance (Complete or Hold) and so on

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RE: JOb Title in Email notification of CR Workflow

Hi, Try to use @(assignee.position.sym)