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Sharepoint UI to Autosys - RestAPI Webservice POST method

#sharepoint2010 #webservicesrest #restapi #postmethod #sharepointintegration #sharepoint integration with autosys We are migrating jobs from SOS (Scheduler) to Autosys 11.3.6. SP6 The existing scheduler SOS have Sharepoint UI developed, in order to trigger some specific jobs in SOS - (Like...

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Start Process using Powershell

Hi - I need to start a process remotely using powershell and return data which is stored (as a valueMap) within the process instance's dataset. I can successfully start and monitor a process's status by creating a New-WebServiceProxy against http:// < host>/itpam/soap?wsdl using flow and...

Enhancement idea for run-deployment-plan functionality in RA api

In order to create deployment plan in RA via API call , we have only one function 'run-deployment-plan' which allows to create Plan with teamplate properties values. But it has a drawback , since creation of deployment field is mandatory for this function. Hence while creating deployment...

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