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How to get Approver Details

Hi All, I am trying to understand, 1) How to get details of "approver" automatically ? i.e. I want to have userid & email ID of a workflow approver, so that I can add that in email notification. We have function to get userID detail, who triggered the workflow, but not getting way to...

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Problem uploading a manifest parameter file

Hi, Question regarding Release Automation 6.5. I'm trying to upload a manifest file in one of my deployment. Even though I upload the file using the button "Manifest-->Load manifest" I always received this error when I try to deploy : Values for some parameters are not set: [User input...

Enhancement idea for run-deployment-plan functionality in RA api

In order to create deployment plan in RA via API call , we have only one function 'run-deployment-plan' which allows to create Plan with teamplate properties values. But it has a drawback , since creation of deployment field is mandatory for this function. Hence while creating deployment...

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