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Re: Rebuild Prompt - Substitution VARA in ":READ - Command"

Here is an updated version that handles all prompt set element types. I’ve put it in a JOBI to make it easy to re-use. UC0.PREP PROCES PROMPTSET.JOBI :PRINT "-- BEGIN UC0.PREP PROCES PROMPTSET.JOBI --" :SET &PPP Hnd# = PREP PROCESS PROMPTSET("&PromptSet Name#") :SET &NumColumns# =...

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Activate Workflow - without showing Prompts of a JOBS

Is it possible to start a workflow automatically without displaying the input dialog for the prompts of the Childs? However, if this workflow is started in the user interface, the prompts should be displayed (so the Option for the Object in the Workflow " Request User Input" is set ) This...

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Rebuild Prompt - Substitution VARA in ":READ - Command"

hi everyone, I am looking for a solution to the following problem: "By default, we only assign prompts to workflows. However, if a JOBS is executed individually in development other than in production, the workflow prompt should be executed first so that all required variables are defined. ...