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RE: PAM url not working

Hi Aamir, The KB article numbers have changed since the Broadcom takeover. Please use the below thread authored by Kyle to find the new link of a KB article using the old KB ref:

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PAM url not working

Dear Broadcom Im unable to open below PAM urls. Earlier it was working before acquiring by Broadcom. Please help #ca sdm 17.1 #capamupgrades #processautomation4.3.02 ​​​

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Unable Login ITPAM console

Good morning to all communitie, I'm having this issue when I'm trying to login I'm unable to get in ITPAM. The console doesn't do anything. In the c2o.log file I have this errors: 2019-02-22 09:42:55,903 INFO [com.optinuity.c2o.ddlgenerator.DateDBScript] [ main] c2oworkflows is...

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CA PAM RDP Session recording in grayscale

Currently, some clients complain about the size of the RDP session recording files, since they are large in a time of 8 hours of recording. In the parameters of CA PAM there is no way to adjust the quality of RDP recording in order to establish a smaller size of the files. It is necessary to...

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SCP/SFTP Files Details

Hello, I'm using PAM 3.0.2 5, but also the previous version and the latest version 3.1.11, it would be nice to have the details of the files in the SCP or SFTP plugin inside the SSH connection. #pam   #pamtool   #scp   #sftp   #ssh  

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Report for ALL PAM users with their current access

I had a lot of customers where asking about if PAM has report that shows all PAM users with their current privileged access. I think this is doable using PAM API doc but will be great if we can have it on the same list as other ready reports. #pam2.8.2 #reportsgenerated

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Viewing Session Recordings

Hello We have recently implemented CA PAM 2.8.1 but have a question for the community When watching recordings of RDP of type, i nformation about the session and its recording is displayed, but I have an issue with some windows servers 2003 that don't display the user Info segment, Im only...