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#[Fixed Defects] for this week!

project can import test cases to a defect in

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Fixed Defects for Dec 26, 2018

by fields DE45417 - Open Defect Age app...DE45111 - Updating a story or defect on the

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#[Fixed Defects] for Feb 15, 2017

DE31090 - Email Notifications are not sent for changes to a custom text field DE31148 - HTML displayed in caption for icon on Test Case Result page #fixeddefects CA Agile Central Subscription Admins

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#[Fixed Defects] for Feb 1, 2017

DE29214 - TPS pages: Multi-Edit action for Schedule State change does not retain the state change after saving DE31339 - Custom List - Bulk add of parent to a large number of users stories at once fails with a 413 or 414 error #customlist #fixeddefects #just-released

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Re: Where can I find #Fixed Defects?

Hi Leah, I'm guessing you are looking for the #fixeddefects in CA Agile Central? If so they can be found here:… If you are looking for #fixeddefects for another...