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Add/Create email templates

There are cases where the same email is being sent to different user groups. For example: In Password View Policy, in the "Dual Authorization" tab we can select the approvers and when a password request is made a notification will be sent to the approvers based on the "Password Request...

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Issue with PostCondition

I am trying to Add Post condition. Based on Status of Task == "ANY OK" I am trying to add Action. Below are steps which I am trying to do. 1) Under PostCondition --> Action --> StartObject --> Below is screenshot. Somehow I am not getting anything to define parameters. Moreover,...

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How to Get Approver's details

Hi All, I am trying to understand, How to get userid, email id of a user, who approvers the workflow request. I am trying to include approver's details in notification object (similar to user who triggers workflow). Thanks. #notifyrelease #sendanemail #workflowapproval #approvalnotification

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How to get Approver Details

Hi All, I am trying to understand, 1) How to get details of "approver" automatically ? i.e. I want to have userid & email ID of a workflow approver, so that I can add that in email notification. We have function to get userID detail, who triggered the workflow, but not getting way to...

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Mail configuration, not autheticated...?

Hello vibrant community, I am having an issue with the Mail configuration of Service Catalog. I have tried entering the hostname and the ip address of the email server. The user used for authentication can logon to the server and send email to itself. Furthermore, I have tried adjusting these...

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