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Re: Hi All, I have been asked to schedule an event based on different time zone (IST) Current the local system time is Central time. Please advise

I have created a below test event EVENT ID(DP.DALD PUSHTEST) SYSTEM(DALD) REPLACE SCHEDULE 02.00 IST MONTHLY STARTING TUE 21ST MAY 2019 INVOKE 'DPCJCDS0.ESPWORK.PROC(PUSHTEST)' EVENT NEXT DUE AT LAST RUN SYS HC SC DP.DALD PUSHTEST , 15.30.00 2019/05/20 ,2019/04/20 DALD , 0 , ,0 , Like you mentioned earlier, Since I have used at the event level, inside the event it shows IST time. Outside the event showing Central time. Question 1: As you mentioned , used SYSZONE(NO) so it does not spring forward and fall back along with to the system time. Now the event is running at 2 am IST and 3.30 pm CT , Daylight saving ends on Nov 3rd .After that , event should run at 2 am IST and 2.30 pm CT