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CA World Spectrum Presentation: Integrating CA UIM and CA Spectrum

Demo to Prepare for “Hands-On Lab: Take a Deep Dive with Experts Who Have Integrated CA Unified Infrastructure Management (formerly CA Nimsoft Monitor) and CA Spectrum®” View the Presentation on SlideShare This presentation was given just before the hands on lab. Use this presentaiton to help you prepare for your own #caunifiedinfrastructuremanagement and #spectrum integration

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New to CA Spectrum?[1]

I recently met a few people at #caworld2014 who were not aware of some helpful resources for #spectrum9.4.1 If you are new to #caspectrum - Here are 8 great resources to help you get started. If you have other suggestions that should be added to these slides, please share in the comments...


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CA World Spectrum Roadmap Presentation

There was standing room only in the #caspectrum roadmap presentation at #caworld - especially impressive for the last session of the last day! We will have the slides posted next week... I'll let you guys know when and where they are available.

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Spectrum Users: If you could have a new video demo, what would it be?

We're looking to create several videos from four categories : Basics: if you're new to CA Spectrum, start here Top features: demos from all currently supported version of CA Spectrum Newest Release : f eatures from the latest GA version of CA Spectrum and why you want them Expert: going beyond the basics for CA Spectrum experts Please recommend demos in the comments below

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What's New in CA Spectrum 9.4.1

View this presentation by kiran diwakar to learn what's new in the latest release of #caspectrum ! Thanks to ILoveLamp for the suggested update! *This new version now includes a slide on Updated Certifications with links to relevant material.


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What do you call CA Spectrum?

Link here --> What do you call CA Spectrum?

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Free CA Spectrum Training, July 22 & Aug 12

Upcoming Free #caspectrum Web Based Training July 22 - Quick & Easy Fault Isolation in CA Spectrum (CA Spectrum IM Foundations 200) Register here Aug 12 - Building Customized Role Privileges (CA Spectrum IM Optimization & Customization 300 ) Register here