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New to CA Spectrum?[1]

I recently met a few people at #caworld2014 who were not aware of some helpful resources for #spectrum9.4.1 If you are new to #caspectrum - Here are 8 great resources to help you get started. If you have other suggestions that should be added to these slides, please share in the comments...


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What's New in CA Spectrum 9.4.1

View this presentation by kiran diwakar to learn what's new in the latest release of #caspectrum ! Thanks to ILoveLamp for the suggested update! *This new version now includes a slide on Updated Certifications with links to relevant material.


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Re: SDM fields to ticket create

SOI Alerts and the Requested by field it

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CA Vantage - DocOps News

The CA Vantage team is constantly...experience, we've moved the CA Vantage Web Client...documentation into the CA Vantage SRM space . No...CA Educate channel on YouTube. You can

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Infrastructure requirements for CA TDM

for CA TDM? #tdmdownload

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Apache reverse proxy with CA USS

One server (server1) has installed CA...Unified Self Service and CA Service Catalog...Apache Reverse proxy configured. The CA USS...and CA SC are configured in port1 and

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Release Comparison for CA Advanced Authentication

Release Comparison Matrix on CA Advanced...Authentication 9.0 CA Technologies Documentation...offered by CA Advanced Authentication over...versions of CA Advanced Authentication, you can