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New format for Privileged Access Manager learning path

CA Application Performance Management CA Project and Portfolio Management CA Unified Infrastructure Management CA Privileged Access Manager We also want to hear directly from you

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How to integrate a Ruby script with PAM A2A client on unix.

I would like to know if we have any specific integration script for integrating a Ruby script with A2A in PAM. If someone has been able to achieve it, could you please share the sample code. #caprivilegedaccessmanagement

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RISK in Beta - Who has access?

There is a new work item (RISK) in Beta. Is this something that needs to be set up by the project administrator to be available or will it be pushed to everyone once it gets out of Beta? Do you have an idea on when it might be available to the masses? How can we be part of the Beta? ...

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Spell MAcro for Request workflow task.

When an end user initiate a request, he/she select their Manager and save the ticket. WOrkflow task assignee field populates based on Manager field selection by end user

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Fields Visibility on specific Request Areas

We have some particular custom fields which should only be visible when Request Area is (USB Access) or (Intenet Access) Below we have custom fields on detail cr.htmpl (employee) <PDM MACRO name=dtlHier hdr="Sites" attr="zSite"> <PDM MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Portal Login" attr="zPortalLogin"> The above 2 fields should be visible when user select request area "USB Access" or "Internet Access". for Only these 2 Request areas the above fields should be visible otherwise not