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Function Point Analysis in ARD

one of the biggest selling points for us of ARD is understanding impact of change - but how we measure impact of change in ARD could be better.   At the moment there is the impact analysis (Cost & Complexity) view which provides info on the number of decision blocks, but it doesn't tell us how many decisions out model can have - its does do this to a certain extend through coverage at the bottom of this window, but this is an 'optimized' view of the world, it would also be beneficial to have this just as a the number of decision branches (in total) that can be derived from a model allow us to do function point analysis by sprint for example to understand complexity of change, correlation of story board points back to functional complexity and to understand a team capacity (again correlation back to an understanding of the SUT and it complexity)   This is possibly in / out edges but we entirely sure       @tilge01 #functionpointanalysis #daveops #caard #briefcase

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Non-functional (performance) modelling in ARD

At the moment the only way to model performance budget is to add a text field against models. this is very basic and limited in value, especially in a complex IT estate and therefore model(s) representing such estate. It would be great if the performance budgets could be captured and...

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Re: Tech Tip: Using header/footer/join parameters with separate scripts

gilta03 , I have been trying to use the header/footer parameters in the Automation feature but the behavior I am experiencing is a bit different. From the Automation Configuration window, Export tab, Headers and footers sub-tab, I am trying to use Flow header and footer as well as Path Headers...

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Attribute References - Block Attribute Values used in Automation

I am using a Multi-Output Case block type and therefore the block contains multiple outputs. I intend to use the names (or values) of each output as part of my automation config. From Docops, I can't see any block attribute that could be useful. The closest one is the ##Output Description...