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 Using the SETCOL action clause in SSM - can I specify a table on another system?

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Steve Ives posted Jun 11, 2024 10:14 AM

The SETCOL action clause is used to set a specified column in a table to a value:

SETCOL("column name,column value,resource name,table name")

Can 'table name' be a table on another MSF system? I have a pair of systems and I'd like to set the mode of a resource on one system to PASSIVE with an IPL State of DOWN if the task is started on the other system inthe pair and vice-versa.

E.g. : define ACTION_TEXT as:


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Dave Gorisek

There is not a SYSTEM() type keyword on the SETCOL action from what I can see, and if there was I wouldn't use it. 'Blindly' issuing any cross system action/cmd via SYSTEM() is 'poke and hope' automation. Hope that MSF is active, Hope that the action really did what is was supposed to......For any cross system cmd/action/request it is best to do this in an OPS/REXX pgm in a server where you can 1) Query the MSF status of the desired system to ensure its ACTIVE and 2) Validate the action and if you have a failure you can now be able to take some 'failure' action such as send out an alert, queue up the action to retry later, etc