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 Notifications on Job Failure

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Corrie Kantowski posted Mar 08, 2024 01:50 PM

I would like to use the Notification feature when a job fails. I have "Send notification on selected alarms and job failure", and "Send alarm on failure"  checked off. I get 2 emails, and I am unable to uncheck JOBFAILURES in the "Alarm type" dropdown. It get worse if I have the job restart upon failure. Then I get emails for every restart. Way too many emails!

How is this best setup to receive a single email? 

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Broadcom Employee Michael Woods

Hi Corrie.

I would seperate this into two parts.  

First is if you have n_retrys set, I would recommend that you turn off alarm_if_fail, so you only get the MAX_RETRIES alarm if all the attempt fail.  That will reduce the number of alarms in general.

You didn't include your jil, but I suspect you have something like:

send_notification: F
notification_template: "mail_input"
notification_emailaddress: email@address
notification_emailaddress_on_failure: email@address
notification_alarm_types: JOBFAILURE

If you want to send a job based on it's failure (Not JOBFAILURE alarm, it is different)

all you need is:

send_notification: F
notification_template: "mail_input"
notification_emailaddress_on_failure:  email@address