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 Java Application - screen resolution and scaling

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Tobias Hammerschmidt posted Jan 19, 2024 12:47 AM

Hi All,

we've build a java application (ca plex 7.2.1 | jre and have the problem that users sometimes use 4K UHD displays with a very high resolution and scaling settings like 100% to max. 150%

The result is that our application isnt't readable anymore.

If you max the scaling to 250%-300% then everything looks fine but you don't really can use other apps because they are too big :-D

Does anyone has a similar problem?

Can you setup the application with "hard scaling" without depending on windows settings?

Thank you and best regards, Tobias

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AnetteNicole Jahn

Hello Tobias,

It would be interesting to know which Build Level you are on in Plex 7.2.1.  Are you below 24005 ?  I am asking because we had a similiar case in WinC environment which could be solved by a fix (2574) contained in Build Level 24005. The fix was at tool level so it could be that it also solve your problem.

So if you are below 24005 you could perhaps give Build Level 24005 a try. 

Attention: For Build Level 24005 there were some important on top hiper fixes available which had to be applied on top of Build Level 24005. So if you want to give Build Level 24005 a try to see whether it also solves your problem, have your Plex support partner provide you also with the hiper fixes for Build 24005. 

Best regards



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Tobias Hammerschmidt

Hi Anette, thank you very much for your fast reply. we are on build level 24.003. so i will give 24.005 a try. i will give a feedback here. best regards. tobias