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 How to save view of joined objects?

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Felix Medeiros posted Nov 08, 2023 12:56 PM

When I open a joined objects, I can't save them with my customizations. Is it possible to save?

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Broadcom Employee Mihai-Mirel Ficiorita

Hello Felix,

In Vantage, user customized views can be saved as User views. This is applicable for all object types excluding Zooms and Statistics.
In your example, once satisfied with the customized joined object visible columns, filter, sort, scale, coloring, ... please click 'Create User View' button. See the picture below. 
Once you click 'Create', Vantage will save the user view under the base object, in this case the joined object, that can be accessed at a later time.

More information can be found in the product documentation, chapter User Views.

I just tested and appears to work, please let me know if you get different results or if we should expand on this topic.

Thank you for asking,


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Felix Medeiros

Perfect Mirel.

I wasn't getting it because I was zooming in on a Joined Object. When I went directly to Object joined, I was able to save. Thank you very much for the explanations.