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 How to find internal TenantID

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Glenn Weavind posted Nov 11, 2023 03:33 AM

Documented method

a) Obtain the "ElasticSearch endpoint"

- If Kubernetes:  kubectl get ingress -n<dxi-namespace> | grep jarvis

b) Open your browser, list all available tenants:

returns HTTP 404.

What's the method to determine the internal TenantID for OI 23.2 please?

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Broadcom Employee Pramit Saxena

Are you looking for the cohort ID of the tenant? Where do you need this ID? 

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Glenn Weavind

Hi: This information is required for data ingestion (PM OI Connector, Spectrum Data Publisher, UIM).  Due to a defect in the OI code that handles login and LDAP group matching we don't presently have any accounts that grant us Tenant Admin rights.   To be clear the product successfully retrieves all of the groups of the proferred user, but fails to match the defined group, for some reason.   Hence the need to find out TenantID from something other than the UI.

The geo-local Support expert for OI has worked this with us - the architecture has changed in 23.2 so it required a few moments of head-scratching.  Now answered, thanks.