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 How send slow transactions to Dashboard

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Daniel Alberto Quiroz Mendez posted Feb 12, 2024 09:56 AM


I would like know if is possible show the slow transactions in a dashboard, i was working with the average response time but the customer wants see the specific transaction and the node it belongs.

I can work the traces without external tool?

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Broadcom Employee Haruhiko Davis

Harder to do with the version you're showing (10.x); easier on DX Platform using either AXA or BPA.

Can you train the users to view the transaction trace viewer after they get a notification of a performance issue?

I'd consider setting up Differential Analysis on the Frontend ART metric, then create an alert of those variance values. This will avoid alert flooding.

If they really insist on viewing the transactions out of the viewer, then you could use the Commandline Workstation (CLW) to export a trace into a file that you can interrogate as you see fit and view it in a program like Grafana.