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 How can I retrieve my credential of my App Synthetic Monitor Account?

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Olaf Pape posted Jan 16, 2024 07:47 AM


I have been receiving alerts for a monitored website for a while now. Unfortunately, neither I nor my colleagues know the credentials of our account on CA App Synthetic Monitor (asm.saas.broadcom.com/en/logviewer.php).
How can I recover access to my account? With "Reset Password" I get the error message "Value is invalid" for all tried e-mail addresses. I also have no information about contract number or site ID.
Maybe the vrid in the link could help: 


Thanks in advance
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Broadcom Employee Sheenam Gupta Best Answer

Hi Olaf, 

Request you to send your tenant name/ID infomation to [sheenam.gupta@broadcom.com] and we will get back to you for additional information if required. 



AIOps product management, Broadcom