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 Clarity 16.1.3 patches and release override packages

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Stefano Lazzarotto posted Mar 12, 2024 11:48 AM

Good afternoon to all.

I've downloaded 16.1.3 kit and I see that contains a patch1 , patch2 and a 16.1.3.release-overrides.5 file.

Do you know what is this "16.1.3.release-overrides.5". Is it to install at the end of 16.1.3 installation/upgrade?

Then, can I skip patch1 and install only patch2?

Thanks and regards.


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Broadcom Employee Suman Pramanik

Hi Stefano - Release override was provided to overcome a defect mentioned in KB  .And that to be used only during 16.1.3 base installation, you still need to install the patches to consume the defects fixed in those patches.