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 Are comments not allowed in FILE_TRIGGER job type members?

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Dana Pittman posted Jan 23, 2024 09:35 AM

Hello,  I think this will be a **** yes or no but I would like to confirm.  One of our application teams introduced a couple new file trigger job types with comments in the execution member.  When I do a LJCK,JOB=jobname,LIST=DEBUG it gives invalid statement messages for the comments.  Like this...

CAIAS0103E Invalid statement

I can find nothing in the manuals/documentation about using comments in the file trigger job types.  So, I just want to verify that comments are not allowed.  Perhaps they are allowed using different syntax, other than //* ?  If this is the case please let me know.  Thanks

Here is the actual member...

     1. //********************************************************************* 
     2. //*                     JOB DESCRIPTION                               * 
     3. //*-------------------------------------------------------------------* 
     4. //* This is a File Trigger job that looks on Linux server             * 
     5. //* to see when file               * 
     6. //* QR1350D1_ForMainframe.trg is updated.                             * 
     7. //********************************************************************* 
     8. FILENAME /dr1/resrc_disk1/DS_QRS/target/+                               
     9. QR1350D1_ForMainframe.trg UPDATE                                        

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Broadcom Employee Roderick Woods


Yes you can use comments in the PARMLIB for the various agent jobs including file_trigger jobs. The syntax is:    /*   comment card     *\

The comment starts with /* in column 1. The ending *\ is not required.

your example:

1.  /********************************************************************\ 
2. /*                     JOB DESCRIPTION                                          *\ 
3. /*----------------------------------------------------------------------*\  
4. /*  This is a File Trigger job that looks on Linux server          *\ 
5. /* to see when file        *\ 
6. /*  QR1350D1_ForMainframe.trg is updated.                           *\ 
7. /*********************************************************************\ 
8. FILENAME /dr1/resrc_disk1/DS_QRS/target/+                               
9. QR1350D1_ForMainframe.trg UPDATE                 

Link to the documentation that talks about adding comments to the PARMLIB (C-LANG) statements: