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 Add custom field to Financial Plans in new UX

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Tiago Abreu posted Apr 24, 2024 10:00 AM


I'm trying to migrate the functionalities from the classic to the new UX, and one of the items are the financial plans.

In our classic UI, we have our grouping attributes of (Charge code and User Value 2/Nº items), and after that we added a custom attribute where our project managers can write a small description of the item:

Is there a way to replicate this in the new UX, or some kind of workaround? It seems the customization of the new UX is almost non-existent in this module. 

Our clarity version is 16.1.3

Thank you!

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Broadcom Employee Liz Williamson Best Answer

Hello Tiago,

Firstly, you are speaking of the Financial Plans module and not the Financials Module correct?  That module is not really editable and is scheduled to be deprecated in 16.2.2.   It was originally brought into MUX early on and just a copy of what is in classic. 

It is being replaced by the Financials module which is quite configurable.  In this module, as long as your custom attribute has an api_alias associated, you will be able to add it to the cost plan details.

Please refer to this notification

Deprecation Notice

Here is information on the Financials Module

Manage Financial Plans using the new Financials Module

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Tiago Abreu

Hello Liz,

Thank you for the reply. Yes I'm talking about the Financial Plans Modules, thank you for bringing to my attention that this is scheduled to be deprecated and replaced by a new functionality.

I'll pass this information to our customer.

Thank you!