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  • Hello Mihai-san, Thank you for your comment. I would like to ask your advice on this matter a little more. Does Broadcom's Enterprise software have a solution like VANTAGE to monitor storage resources? Please let me know if you know something idea. ...

  • Hello Kazuhiko, Thank you very much for asking! Vantage does not have a solution for Open Systems but only for Mainframe platform. Best regards, Mihai

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  • Posted in: Vantage

    Dear Vantage user,   The purpose of this Critical Alert is to inform you of a potential problem that has been recently identified with Vantage Storage Resource Manager .  Please read the information provided below and follow the instructions ...

  • Posted in: Vantage

    We are happy to announced the availability of web-based training to support new Vantage security features: Vantage: Role-Based Security 200 (06VSR20130). With Release 14.1 , Vantage supports three security modes , including granular security, which ...