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  • Hello All! Please also see our latest blog posted to, titled, " CA IDMS REST API Expands Access to z/OS Services, Tools, and Data "!!! ------------------------------ Product Owner, CA IDMS Broadcom ------------------------------

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  • Hi Ian, Thank you very much!  This is exactly what Ive been looking for... we use it the same way . ------------------------------ Team Leader and Senior IT Specialist Innovation Solutions for Finance ------------------------------

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  • Posted in: CA IDMS

    Hello IDMS Community! Have you ever wanted to extract and load data easily to and from a sequential file?  The CA IDMS Product Team is working on two new batch utilities to be able to Extract and Load Network databases using flat files.  The utilities ...

  • Posted in: CA IDMS

    Hello IDMS Community! CA IDMS COBOL DML support is now added within the COBOL language extensions for modern IDEs.  You can now use Microsoft Visual Studio Code to edit your IDMS source, as an alternative to mainframe ISPF.  Modern IDEs offer programming ...

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