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  • Welcome to the new CA ESP Community

    Welcome to the new Broadcom Mainframe Software Communities! If you're here, you already know the benefits of learning, connecting and sharing knowledge and experience with other users as well as our own product experts. 

    I'm still be making updates to all of our communities now that the main migration is complete but all of your content has been brought over.

    As always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to me directly: 

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  • Hello Lucy, You were correct I should have made it a threshold resource. I completely overlooked that and I even watched Don's presentation 5 times trying to figure out what I missed and still didn't catch it. I changed the resource now to ...

  • Hi Keith, Firstly for Don's presentation, it should be a THRESHOLD resource. Secondly I believe that when you issued the RESDEF command to set the MAX, there was an active JOB using this resource. It returned on resource after it completed, therefore ...

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  • Learn how to schedule your workload effectively with an understanding of how to use variables to help automate workload. In addition, learn how to customize monitoring views and how to control and monitor your workload using Workstation or the Consolidated ...

  • PTF LU00416 has introduced a test utility CYBCCPGM, it can help you to set up a test JOB which will simulate a PROD JOB, as it can perform a wait, or pass any CC, user or system type failure. Here is the download link from support portal, it's for ESP ...

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