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  • Check out the new Support Portal that launched Feb 7th, 2022

    Check out the new Support Portal that launched on Feb 7th, 2022.   The team put together a comprehensive list of new features and a walkthrough.  Download it

    Welcome to the Broadcom Customer Care Community where Broadcom software customers can connect to share questions, ideas, and feedback. We orchestrate each customer interaction to help ensure positive business outcomes.


    The customer care team handles non-technical issues like Broadcom Support Portal, Licenses, and all general queries for the Mainframe Software, Enterprise Software, Symantec Enterprise Security, and Broadcom Payment Security divisions.

    We’re glad you’ve joined us!

    Are you new to Broadcom Support Portal?

    Check out our Support Portal Enhancements and New Case Management FAQ

    Multiple ways to contact us:

    Phone: Numbers listed on the contact support page

    Chat: Use the chat widget (Bottom Right corner in the support portal)  

    Case:  Customer Care Request Form or From the case Management (Select the product as Support portal or Licensing)

    Attention:   Be aware this forum is public so if you need to share sensitive files or info do so in a secure manner.   Do not post customer info, email, phone numbers or files to this forum.

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