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07-03-2019 08:28 PM

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(*This process should only be undertaken by an eperienced SAN administrator. Please see the final paragraph below for step-by-step detailed instructions. There is no cost to use this service. No existing service contract is required. It is completely free and can be used as many times as needed.*)


The SAN Health team has a tool called Zone Migration that can be used to simplify the process of migrating to a new fabric.

SAN Health Zone Migration is a tool that can assist with the recreation of an existing zone config in a new fabric. By utilizing the zone information captured in a SAN Health report, the SAN Health team can create a text file containing all the CLI commands necessary to build those zones in the new fabric. This can massively reduce the time needed to manually enter the zone data as well as eliminate costly typos and other human errors.

SAN Health itself does not alter switches or switch zone configs so this zone migration tool is treated a bit differently.


What are the scenarios that would benefit from the Zone Migration tool?
Recreating the existing zone config from a legacy fabric into a new fabric will allow you to move the existing devices and have them be properly zoned from the start. Common scenarios are the following:
-Moving from Cisco to FOS
-McData or Mi10k to FOS
-Domain,Port zoning to FOS WWN
-Legacy FOS to new FOS fabric


In addition, several customers have used the zone migration tool to actually rebuild an existing zone config that was accidentally deleted or corrupted by user error. (This can only be accomplished if a complete SAN Health audit of the fabric exists from BEFORE the accidental deletion so make sure to run SAN Health early and often. The more current the SAN Health audit is the more accurate the rebuild will be.)


What if I can’t move my whole fabric at once or I want some guidance in how to group devices for the move?
Along with the zone migration text, a zone group text will be provided. This file will contain all the devices divided into groups based on their zone and other devices connected to them through common zones. This way, groups of devices can be scheduled to be moved while limiting their affect on other devices in the fabric. Please request a sample zone migration text and a zone group text from SAN Health Admin so you can get a good idea of what you will get for your own fabric.


Will this process work if I'm moving from a Qlogic fabric to a Brocade fabric?
SAN Health does not work against Qlogic switches. But there is a workround if you'd like to obtain the zone migration text from a Qlogic fabric. In some instances, Qlogic and Brocade switches can be put in interop mode and attached together to form a single fabric. When this is done, the zone database should be copied to the Brocade switch. Then, SAN Health can be run against this Brocade switch.


What are the steps to obtaining a zone migration text?

To use the Zone Migration tool, first run SAN Health and send in the audit to be processed. After the completed report has been sent back to you, ask a for the zone migration text from They’ll need to know the filename of the SAN Health report for the request. (You do not need to send in a copy of the file, just the filename.) The SAN Health team will then create a copy of the zone migration texts, check them for accuracy, and send them to you with basic instructions on how to help you with the migration. Please allow 48 hours for return. If you do not currently have a Brocade SE or other experienced Brocade technical employee that you are working with, please find one before making any changes to your fabric zoning.

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