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Brocade VM Insight Eliminates the Guessing Game

If I told you that enterprise IT organizations are playing the game “Guess How Many Jelly Beans Are in The Jar” with their Virtual Machines (VMs), would you call me crazy? Image provided by: cbgrfx123, Enterprises are under constant pressure to maximize...

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What’s exciting about VMID technology?

Like many of you, I still get excited about new cool technologies. What really gets me going is when customers share that excitement. Recent news from VMworld put a spring in my step when I read that Qlogic in collaboration with Brocade demonstrated their StorFusion VMID technology. So… what is...

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The Future With EMC VMAX All Flash And EMC Connectrix B-Series

CIO’s are challenged with transforming their data center to address new requirements that go well beyond speed and capacity. Enterprise Data Centers are struggling with delivering services to meet the explosion of data, granular analytics and automation while delivering the reliability and...

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Best-In-Class Vendors Partner to Build A Best-In-Class VDI Solution

Few years back, enterprises were evaluating Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to see whether VDI is a viable technology while reducing cost of operations. As proof-of-concept, they deployed VDI in a selected group to evaluate and understand the issues. During this time, VDI was still...