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Dell EMC World 2017, Monday May 8, 2017, Blog 1: Extension (IPEX & FCIP)

Monday May 8, 2017, Blog 1: Extension (IPEX & FCIP) Vegas Baby! The first Dell EMC World, live’n and love’n it! It’s Monday morning and we’re already in the thick of it. Today’s topic – Extension, you know… formerly “SAN Extension”. We're doing more than just FCIP now. The industry...

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EMC World 2016 - Monday: IPEX Delivers the High Performance WAN!

This is IPEX Blog 1 of 3 Another year already and here we are again, EMC World 2016! @EXTENSION GURU Come to my breakout session to learn more about IPEX: Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM in Delfino 4001A entitled, Storage over Distance from SRDF to SyncIQ Anyone...

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EMC World 2015: More About IP Extension

IPEX is based on 5 pillars. These tenants are distinctly different, crucial to many environments, and made up the design criteria for Brocade Extension Engineering. To review, they are: High Performance (covered in part 2 of 3 in this series) Operational Excellence Superior...