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BNA replacing seed switch by defect (single switch fabric)

  • 1.  BNA replacing seed switch by defect (single switch fabric)

    Posted 07-01-2014 01:21 AM



    we had to replace one switch in a small location (only two dedicated switches for classical dual fabric design). So the switch has no neighbours and no other could get seed switch. The replacement was succesfully by using configdownload and moving licenses by distributor.


    So the "new" switch has the same IP and name but different WWN and Serial Number.

    But now I get following warnings in BNA 12.0.1:


    Master Log:
    WWN of seed switch has changed. Please change the seed switch or restore the old WWN on the switch.
    Discover Fabrics:
    Discovered: Not Reachable : Seed Switch WWN changed. Change Seed Switch. : Seed Switch


    Fabric rediscovering and unmonitor/ monitor switch did not change anything.


    Now my question:

    Is it possible to change this without losing all historical data by removing and add the completely fabric?