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Fibre Channel: The Ultimate in Reliability

By Scott Shimomura posted 04-15-2016 02:13 PM


Fibre Channel is the most reliable


Rising service level agreement (SLA) requirements and expectations are a fundamental driver of storage network technology. That’s no surprise when you look at the numbers.


Let’s say an average data center outage lasts 95 minutes. That’s 5,700 seconds. In that amount of time, Amazon will have generated $11,377,200 in revenue. Apple will have generated $25,878,000. You may not be Amazon, or Apple. But losing revenue to data center downtime is still horribly bad business. It’s also unnecessary.


Six Nines

Fibre Channel is purpose-built for storage networking and optimized for reliability. Consider that five nines of availability (99.999%) has traditionally been the gold standard for reliable performance—and Fibre Channel gives you six. With 99.9999% uptime, a Fibre Channel network experiences 31.5 or fewer seconds of unplanned downtime per year. The recently announced Gen 6 Fibre Channel standard adds another level of reliability and performance with Forward Error Correction (FEC). FEC supports error correction without retransmitting data, enabling exceptionally fast, automatic error recovery.



Brocade storage switches and Fabric Vision technology build on the inherent reliability of Fibre Channel with proactive monitoring and automated diagnostics. Some of our customers have been running for more than a decade without interruption.  

To learn more about the value Fibre Channel can bring to your environment, check out the Brocade Fibre Channel Possibilities page.