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Fibre Channel: Seamlessly Moves Magnitudes of Data

By Scott Shimomura posted 04-22-2016 03:07 PM


Fibre Channel is the most scalable


In case you’ve never thought about it, one petabit is 1015 bits of digital information. That’s one quadrillion bits. Based on total network capacity, Brocade stands behind a scalability of up to three petabits per second for its Fibre Channel SAN.


Having trouble imagining what anyone could do with the ability to move three quadrillion bits of data each second? Think about it in terms of devices instead of raw data. A single Brocade Fibre Channel fabric can support tens of thousands of servers and storage devices. Customers with very large environments manage infrastructure on that scale every day.


Fibre Channel provides the foundational technology to efficiently move the high magnitudes of data that these networks support. To push off that starting block and really run with Fibre Channel requires an innovative implementation with a high ease-of-use factor.


Massive, Seamless Growth  

Once the word “petabit” enters the conversion, the word “seamless” should follow. Approaches such as hyperconverged solutions that lose performance and reliability once the infrastructure scales beyond a certain point should be off the table. For customers with very large environments, massive storage network scalability must be paired with seamless growth. Administrators must be able to easily scale up or out, with consistent performance and high reliability, without creating islands or silos.


Brocade Fibre Channel solutions with Brocade Fabric Vision Technology meet all of these needs with monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools that simplify administration, increase uptime, and reduce costs. Brocade Fibre Channel solutions:

  • Consolidate petabyte-scale storage in a single fabric
  • Enable unprecedented consolidation at the lowest total cost
  • Scale easily to hundreds of thousands of workloads and thousands of storage devices

Bigger and Better

Fibre Channel is absolutely the best technology for building large-scale storage environments. Brocade products build on Fibre Channel’s potential to simply and cost-effectively accommodate continuing growth in today’s largest networks.


To learn more about the value that Brocade Fibre Channel solutions can bring to your environment, check out the Brocade Fibre Channel Possibilities page.

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