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Fibre Channel SANs Help “Redefine Possible” for New EMC Storage Solutions

By Scott Shimomura posted 07-08-2014 03:00 AM


With the World Cup in full swing, soccer fans around the world, as well as the media outlets and others who serve them, are generating, transmitting and consuming huge amounts of data, much of which is traversing to EMC storage via Brocade Fibre Channel SANs.




And just as the World Cup continues to unite soccer fans around the globe, Fibre Channel SANs are a key unifying element for the new storage systems launched by EMC today at their high-profile Redefine Possible event in London.  


From a macro point-of-view, Brocade® Gen 5 Fibre Channel directors, switches, and management software provide a reliable, high-performance foundation for the new EMC® VMAX®3 and XtremIO™ storage solutions. With legions of fans all over the world, Brocade and EMC combine to form an unstoppable offensive (power, speed, and performance) and defensive (reliability, availability, and resilience) team that’s focused on winning.


Flash storage is another common element across all of the new EMC systems launched today. To support this EMC innovation, Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel switches are purpose built for flash-based storage arrays to maximize system performance, scalability and availability. No other networking technology comes close to ensuring that maximum bandwidth is always available between servers and storage.


To better support next-generation workloads, EMCs flagship VMAX3 high-end storage arrays now feature 2X the 16 Gbps full line-rate ports to double throughput compared to previous-generation VMAX systems. Imagine a storage infrastructure that can handle data loads and perform flawlessly under any condition. It’s like playing soccer in the heat of Brazil without breaking a sweat.


In addition to performance, the new VMAX3 arrays provide radically simple management, workload mobility and seamless cloud access for on-premise and off-premise workloads. Here, Brocade Fabric Vision™ technology works together with VMAX3 systems by providing unprecedented visibility and insight across the storage network to maximize uptime and simplify SAN management. The genius of these technologies is akin to the orchestration that is required by a coach to understand every detail of his team and opponent in order to keep their dreams alive and make it through the tournament.


Brocade Fabric Vision technology maximizes uptime, simplifies SAN management, and provides unprecedented visibility and insight across the storage network. Offering innovative diagnostic, monitoring, and management capabilities, Fabric Vision technology helps administrators deploy 15 years of SAN management experience in one click, reduce common network problems by 50 percent and eliminate 48 percent of network maintenance costs. We have made it easy to be a SAN expert without having to be a SAN expert. It’s like making clones of Jürgen Klinsmann or Fabio Capello available to coach youth soccer leagues.


How would you like to be on the winning team every time it matters? It is a safe bet to expect that together, EMC and Brocade will continue to redefine possible in terms of storage and networking and these future innovations will play a significant role in storing and transmitting future World Cup data, as well as Exabytes of data in between for advanced data center workloads.


Now, more than ever, the network matters for ensuring that adequate performance, visibility and management insight is available for these new EMC storage solutions introduced today. We look forward to our continued partnership with EMC to deliver on the innovation behind these new solutions and to keep our 50,000+ mutual customers in the spirit of the All in One Rhythm™ World Cup theme.

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