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Avoid Outages and Re-syncs with Extension Trunking

By Scott Shimomura posted 08-24-2015 07:00 AM


In storage environments, reliable and resilient networks — to the point of no frame loss and in-order frame delivery — is necessary for error-free operation, high performance, and operational ease. This improves availability, reduces operating expenses and, most of all reduces the risk of data loss. Brocade addresses today’s important trends and requirements with the Brocade Extension Switches with Brocade Extension Trunking.


Extension Trunking is an advanced feature of the Brocade Extension platforms for both Fibre Channel and IP extension, enabling bandwidth aggregation and lossless failover for increased resiliency over IP WANs. It provides load balancing and network resilience to increase WAN utilization and protect against WAN link failures. This video details the operation and advantages of this technology in extended storage applications.


Product Manager Truls Myklebust and Andy Dooley of the engineering team discuss technical details of the Brocade Extension Trunking for Brocade extension solutions, including:

  • How the feature works
  • Why it is important
  • Design considerations for how to take full advantage of the capability


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