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Modernizing the data center

By Marcus Thordal posted 08-17-2017 03:33 PM


Are you ready to challenge the ordinary, modernize and build your data center for tomorrow?

For VMworld 2017, Brocade has packed a booth full of experts and great demonstrations to inspire and learn on our joint path to pioneer the future.


In our personal lives, we make it happen every day combining new technology when navigating commute traffic, monitor/track personal health through physical activity and sleep quality, the examples are countless how we adopt and shape our lives influenced by digital data.

The expectation of ever smarter, faster, better digital experience from our personal lives challenge the ordinary, every customer I talk with mention the daily pressure on their business to keep up with new applications and requirements which lead to infrastructure requirements for network and  storage performance. Many of them know the best way to keep up is to be agile, prepared and stay fit for the next challenging opportunity (read: requirement) to realize value from data. This equates to faster, larger and more frequent data transports for applications, analytics and for example machine learning.                                                      

Flash Ready SAN

Brocade technology is all about sustaining current workloads in a secure and highly available manner while enabling our customers modernize to the digital future.  Let me give you a brief overview of the technologies and demonstrations we packed on the booth truck.


Gen 6 Fabric Vision

Brocade Fabric Vision technology is an extension of Brocade Gen 5 and Gen 6 Fibre Channel solutions, with a suite of technology innovation that is unmatched in the industry.

With Gen 6 Fibre Channel, visibility and monitoring is improved with IO Insight and VM Insight delivering granular visibility into select application flows and virtual machines. We will demonstrate all features across the suite and guide you how to optimize your SAN operations with modification/creation of at-a- glance dashboards, physical link testing and automatic discovery of slow drain devices combined with policy-based quarantine and much more.

Brocade Fabric Vision


Check your SAN Health

SAN Health is a free downloadable software utility designed to securely audit and analyze multi-vendor SAN environments. It creates comprehensive views and documentation including performance graphs, detailed spreadsheets and topology diagrams. We will show you how we take the comprehensive output from SAN Health that summarize your SAN environment and highlight any potential areas of risk.

Brocade SAN Health


VMware Integration

With the rapid increase in dense virtualization driven by faster compute and high performance All Flash Arrays, more Business Critical Applications are virtualized on VMware vSphere creating the need for granular visibility across virtual machines and physical storage is greater than ever. We are demonstrating how you can utilize VM Insight on Gen 6 from Brocade to get exact visibility into each VMs individual storage traffic as part of the flow from vSphere host to a specific LUN. This level of visibility is unprecedented across any other storage connectivity model for VMware vSphere.

 Brocade VM Insight


Faster Flash with NVMe over Fibre Channel

The next big thing in storage is already here with NVMe which significantly improves performance by reducing latency and enabling high levels of parallelism. NVMe delivers faster flash storage, internal in the storage arrays, and soon to be available for host connectivity and with Brocade Gen 5 & Gen 6 you can already run NVMe over Fibre Channel today.

We are demonstrating how you can concurrently run applications respectively on a FC LUN and a NVME namespace (NSID) with the same host and HBA at the same time.

Concurrent NVMe over FC


If you want to learn even more about NVMe, come to the booth and get your copy of Curt Beckmann’s new book on NVMe over Fibre Channel.   NVMe for Dummies


Turn 2am Calls into 10am Follow-ups with DevOps-inspired Automation

For admins of all types (sysadmins, network admins, virtualization admins, site reliability engineers, etc.), there’s nothing worse than getting a page, call, or text at 2am alerting you that something major has gone down. Now you need to wake up, log in, and hope you can troubleshoot and resolve (or at least mitigate) from your home. If unsuccessful, you get dressed and drive into the office in the middle of the night. Not fun.

Automation can help. Automation can turn 2am calls into 10am follow-ups.

Join us in the Brocade booth where we will be using a robotic arm to demonstrate event-driven, cross-domain automation to ensure a web server stays online, ensure a database server remains operational, or detects and remediates a network link failure.

 Accelerate Digital Transformation


Looking forward to seeing you at VMworld 2017!


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