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HPE has a Crystal Ball for Flash Storage

By Marc Angelinovich posted 06-07-2016 08:51 PM


Businesses are faced with overwhelming challenges pertaining to growth in structured and unstructured data, as well as increased pressure to transform their IT department from a cost burden to an economic engine.


Challenges ahead sign


The use of virtualization, flash storage, and automation tools has enabled businesses to deploy applications and services faster than ever before to help meet these challenges head on. However, deploying an unprecedented number of applications and services also comes with increased complexity, risk, and instability. Minor issues are magnified in high-performance, mission critical environments and often turn into outages that are highly visible and result in brand damage, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. Recent statistics from Gartner, Ponemon Institute, and Data Center Institute show:

  • 80% of outages are caused by human errors
  • Average costs per partial outage is $499,800
  • 52% unplanned outages could have been prevented by investing in improved equipment


Cost for Partial and Total Shutdown

Photo Cred: Ponemon Institute


To help customers mitigate against these business risks, HPE is partnering with Brocade to sell the Brocade® Analytics Monitoring Platform. The Brocade® Analytics Monitoring Platform is a purpose-built SAN appliance designed to deliver actionable intelligence to administrators, enabling them to:

  • Reduce up to 70% of latency and performance problems by identifying issues before business is impacted
  • Cut as much as 50% of troubleshooting costs by enabling real-time problem isolation without disruptive third-party TAP solutions
  • Save time and resources by reducing the deployment time of advanced monitoring and analytics from weeks to minutes

Broade Analytics Monitoring Platform


The Brocade® Analytics Monitoring Platform includes several breakthrough diagnostic and monitoring capabilities integrated into Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology to non-invasively provide visibility into application, host, fabric, and storage performance. The Analytics Monitoring Platform delivers:

  • Application-level performance monitoring with zero downtime
  • SCSI command behavior and response time
  • The ability to monitor any device without impacting distance or link integrity, unlike physical taps that cause light degradation and compromise data security
  • Normal device behavior learning: AMP measures time to first response, exchange completion time, read/write IOPS, and pending or outstanding I/Os to ensure predictable performance, and flag unusual behavior or potential problems
  • Visibility into both storage ports and host ports; direct measurement of latency at IO level
  • Highly scalable platform; Automatically discover and deploy monitoring to tens of thousands of initiator/target and initiator/target/LUN pairs in a fabric
  • Customizable reports to correlate metrics and events and summarize trends for behavior analysis
  • On-demand, non-disruptive diagnostics of server, storage, and fabric devices to help quickly pinpoint problems
  • Integrated device-level and fabric behavior metrics to provide visibility into the entire environment and simplify correlation of performance problems
  • Granular threshold settings and automated alerts of unusual device behavior to enable early problem detection 


For more information on AMP please use the below links to helpful resources.