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Fibre Channel reigns as data center champion, learn how at Dell EMC World 2017

By Marc Angelinovich posted 04-27-2017 12:43 PM


In the data center, storage has experienced significant technology shifts across the board with one theme remaining constant; the customer’s unwavering expectation for performance and reliability. The impact storage has on an enterprise’s livelihood has increased over the years with gains in competitive advantage delivered with faster database completion times or more stock trades each day.

The customer requirements placed on performance and reliability is why the Dell EMC Flash XtremIO all-flash arrays have been the leading choice for customers that value the business benefits of faster application performance. Dell EMC XtremIO arrays provide their customers with best-in-class scale-out architecture, and a rich set of features and services that deliver the performance and capacity required to support primary applications. To help enable these arrays to function at their maximum capability, customers rely on Fibre Channel to deliver the most for their data. To put Fibre Channel’s impact into perspective, 96% of banks, airlines, and retailers rely on it.

To understand why Fibre Channel is the reigning champion for all-flash with an 80-90% attach rate, Broadcom® Emulex® and Brocade partnered with EMC to test the impact of upgrading from an 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (8 GFC) network to a 16 GFC or 32 GFC network.

The results were astounding with 72% greater database application performance, 75% faster virtual machine storage migration and 73% reduction in VM Boot Storm time.

Enhance the Performance of Your Existing All-Flash Arrays with Brocade and Dell EMC


Database Applications graphic.png


VM Storage Migration graphic.png


VM Boot Storm graphic.png

If you are attending Dell EMC World, you can learn more about what Brocade and Dell EMC are doing to optimize flash storage and revitalize service levels to meet growing customer requirements for greater availability, predictability and operational stability.

Booth Demo: Be sure to stop by to see how Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel solutions accelerates Dell EMC Xtreme IO at the Brocade booth #909.


Dell EMC Report: Faster Application Performance with 32 Gb/S Fibre Channel

Interested in learning more? Be sure to join us for three technical breakout sessions at Dell EMC World 2017:

The Future of Flash: NVMe Over Fibre Channel
Monday, May 8, 4:30-5:30pm
Room: Lando 4201A
Speaker: Curt Beckmann, Principal Architect, Brocade
Modern flash storage cannot reach its full potential with SCSI-based protocols. Learn about the superior performance of NVMe over Fibre channel and how you can unleash the capabilities of next-generation flash storage.

WAN Optimization for Storage Replication from SRDF to SyncIQ
Tuesday, May 9, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Room: Palazzo 1
Speaker: Mark Detrick, Data Center Principal Architect, Brocade
Prepare your mission-critical databases for the future with advanced Fibre Channel, FICON and IP extension technology for storage applications spanning distance between data centers. In this session, you will discover how you can protect your data and ensure business continuity with disaster avoidance, backup, recovery, and archiving.

Modernize Your SAN for the All-Flash Data Center
Wednesday, May 10, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Room: Delfino 4001A
Speaker: AJ Casamento, Principal, Technology Evangelist, Brocade
The latest innovations in Fibre Channel are the key to unlocking the full potential of next-generation storage technologies. Learn how Dell EMC and Brocade can help you transform storage connectivity with integrated network instrumentation, automation, and simplified management.


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