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Mission to modernize - improving agency effectiveness with a modern infrastructure

By Chip Copper posted 09-25-2018 08:01 AM


According to a GAO study*, Federal agencies spend four times more taxpayer dollars maintaining outdated IT systems than they spend on investing in new technologies. The White House has made it clear that modernizing the government’s IT infrastructure across federal and defense agencies is critical for both the security of the nation and the streamlining of government operations. With the signing of the Modernizing Government Technology Act in December, there’s a renewed emphasis on transforming government IT infrastructures.

As I discuss this with systems administrators and architects, they often ask the same questions:


  • How should our agency store and protect the huge amount of data we must retain through this transition?
  • How can our applications access and share this data more effectively?
  • How do we retool the management of our resources while continuing to provide data-driven services and decision support systems?

Fortunately, recent advances in data storage and connectivity technologies will provide some of the answers. Flash storage has the capacity to store more data with faster access speeds in a smaller, more energy efficient form factor while decreasing operational costs. The increased performance of flash storage has caused a chain reaction that is forcing the industry to refine storage networking practices so that they will not bottleneck the capacity of these high-speed storage devices. The result - NVMe - is promising, but like most new technologies, the efficiencies obtained with its use will depend on the method of its deployment. To complement these new storage devices and networks, state-of-the-art management tools, automation, and analytics will improve the ability to manage complex storage environments through the modernization effort and beyond.

Sorting all this out can seem daunting, so don’t go through it alone.

On October 25th, please plan to attend the Mission to Modernize summit in Washington D.C. hosted by Broadcom. Government decision-makers will meet with industry subject matter experts to discuss how a modernized storage network and infrastructure can improve agency effectiveness while also providing a platform for innovation. Here’s where to go for more information and to register:

Topics to be discussed at the Mission to Modernize summit include:

  • The state of IT modernization and the steps agency thought leaders are taking to meet the White House’s directives and objectives
  • How existing and emerging storage networking technologies and modern data center techniques can improve performance and reliability of an entire infrastructure
  • Ways to gain improved visibility into the analytics of your networks, enabling proactive diagnostics and tuning of your infrastructure to optimize the latest storage technologies

Ways to gain improved visibility into the performance of your networks, enabling proactive diagnostics and tuning of your infrastructure to optimize the latest storage technologies


I hope you can make it!