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Affordable Gen 6 - Flash-Ready Without Compromise

By Celeste Crystal posted 03-27-2017 09:58 PM


Today marks a breakthrough moment; one which fundamentally redefines the economics of the storage infrastructure equation. After tens of thousands of conversations with our customers, decades of deploying best-in-class solutions, and thousands of product launch team hours, we’ve achieved an industry milestone by launching the Brocade G610 Fibre Channel Switch. This is a big step in enabling customers of any size and type to access an affordable Gen 6 Switch with enterprise-class 32 Gbps performance for use cases ranging from storage fabrics to edge deployments. celeste_blog_1.png

This affordable switch has a prescription for future-proofing -- with the intent to meet and exceed current demanding workloads of growing enterprises without compromising on performance and reliability. The G610 was designed for small businesses; the ambitious pioneers and the growing upstarts that have the vision to see ahead and the determination to succeed. Enterprises that are driven by motives to reach farther and to achieve greatness require the very best technology and the best-of-breed. Our intention was to give entry-level customers the ability to grow into advanced features of Gen 6 in more ways than one. For example the switch starts small at only 8 ports with the ability to license up to 24 ports in 8-port increments, with built-in expandability from 16 Gbps optics to 32 Gbps optics to switch up to higher performance. It’s basically a truism that all companies start out small, but the ones that succeed grow up to be flagship enterprises of the future. The Brocade G610 Switch was engineered to enable our customers to succeed.

We’re making this easy
Time and resources are critical in any business environment. These days, the pressures are intensifying across all enterprises and resources are spread thin. To address this concern, we’ve underlined this storage networking switch with the feature of celeste_blog_2.pngsimplicity to make Fibre Channel installation, setup and deployment faster and easier. With the EZSwitchSetup installation wizard, the switch is up and running in three simple steps. With Brocade Network Advisor and Fabric Vision technology, the enhanced monitoring capabilities makes it easy to manage the fabric while utilizing preconfigured templates that implement twenty years of storage networking best practices in one click. From a management standpoint, these tools make it easy for network administrators to view network statistics to see ahead to any potential disruption to predict issues before they happen. This is the visibility that matters when time and resources are at a premium.

Fabric Vision software and hardware integration enable innovative deep fabric intelligence
We’re extending innovation further by integrating VM Insight into Fabric Vision across the entire Gen 6 family of products. VM Insight delivers to enterprises a non-invasive, revolutionary ability to deliver proactive visibility into the health and performance of individual virtual machines (VMs) to help uncover issues before applications are affected. This is yet another facet of network intelligence that gives our customers a competitive advantage by maintaining always-on reliability in support of critical service level agreements. No one else in the industry has achieved this to date.

What makes this switch future-proofed?
While 32 Gbps arrays are already on the leading edge, the next wave of innovation in all-flash storage arrays will be NVMe. The best kept secret in the industry is that the entire Brocade Gen 6 product portfolio was born NVMe-ready. This means that organizations implementing a Brocade Gen 6 (or even Gen 5) storage network are already set for a seamless transition to next-gen NVMe arrays. Plug in both ends with Gen 6 HBAs and it is NVMe plug-and-play-ready. No rip-and-replace and no science experiments by re-doing the entire infrastructure. NVMe will simply work on the existing Gen 5/Gen 6 storage area network. Organizations can run their NVMe over Fibre Channel without any code modifications, downtime, or outages and plug it into the existing network into an NVMe-enabled host. It’s not just that we’re delivering the most premium technology at the lowest possible entry cost; we’re delivering the industry’s most advanced pathway to future innovation without risk to the current infrastructure for a low risk, low TCO.

Whenever there’s a best-in-class technology, it opens up a window of opportunity for the advancement of institutions, processes, best practices; an innovative push enabling technology advantages to become accessible to many more people with a variety of possibilities to transform the way things are done. The G610 will undoubtedly open new windows of opportunity for a wider range of organizations that know how to take advantage of the advanced features in enterprise-class technology. We’ve redefined the economics of storage networking so organizations can now redefine the speed of their business.


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