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Symantec Directory dxagent RestAPI Shell Script Framework 

10-27-2021 09:07 PM

To All,

You are invited to help contribute to this effort. Please add your comments/inputs for all to see and discuss. With your participation, I am hoping to have an official github presence for this work in the long run. Attached is a zip file contains the framework as it is. It also contains the .git structure so that you can start forking your own branches as well.

This framework is a Symantec Directory dxagent implementation based on my article at the API academy site.

DevOps: REST API Execution Through Bash Shell Scripting
DevOps: REST API Execution Through Bash Shell Scripting II
DevOps: REST API Execution Through Bash Shell Scripting III

This implementation is the second implementation after the first "SiteMinder RestAPI Shell Script Framework" available at

My next project is the "Symantec Directory Management UI RestAPI Shell Script Framework" I have started. For that project, I anticipate that it is going to take a few iterations for it to be more complete. The Management UI RestAPI is the one that you are actually encouraged to use more than this dxagent one. However, if you have only the dxagent installed, then you can at least start here.

Compare to the current SiteMinder RestAPI release, this one takes a bolder approach by using my own rudimentrary codegen to lay down all the dxagent RestAPI endpoints. They are under the coreZxxx subdirectory. For now, I am using this new codegen for the Management UI RestAPI as well. My next planned projects include VIP AuthHub RestAPI and to port the current SiteMinder RestAPI to use this new codegen. So, stay tuned.

Since we are using the same Framework as the SiteMinder one, it has the similar pre-requisites as well. You nee jq and git. This time, I actually have not tested on Windows and some of the facilities is actually Linux only. But, for the most part, it should work on Windows as well. Please see the SiteMinder link to get the Windows pre-requisites.

For the Linux Impatience

If you are using Linux, CentOS or RedHat, for your Directory installation and if you know the client name when you installed the dxagent, there is now a utility can quickly get you started. The flow is like the following:

  • On your Directory machine, confirm that you have the dxagent installed and you need the client name, say clientName, you used for that installation.
  • Download the attached zip file.
  • Login as user dsa
  • unzip the zip file
  • Run the following to get authn, jq, and dxagent client certificate and key files in place
    bash utils/ clientName
  • Run
    to confirm that it works.
Getting Started

Otherwise, please take a look at the to get it started.

More to Come

I guess I am one of the impatience. I will come back to write more at a later time. For now, I just wanted to get this started as well.

Thanks for your attention!

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10-27-2021 09:11 PM

To download from command line

I have tried

curl -o ""

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