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Service Desk assessment 

Aug 13, 2015 10:58 AM


How improving your Service Desk?


For large software projects,it is usually the case that documentation starts being generated well before the development process begins. A proposal around of this document is just only allow your own strategy in the end.






  • Alignment with core business
  • Interaction with IT
  • Resource optimization
  • Culture
  • Goals and objectives
  • Business and operations plans
  • People
  • Stakeholder
  • Training
  • SD IT service management system
  • Security
  • Reports
  • Risk




  1. Is the Service Desk the recognized point of contact for all customer/user queries?
  2. Is the Service Desk perceived as a strategic function by Senior Managers?
  3. Has the purpose and benefits of the Service Desk been disseminated within the organization?
  4. Does the Service Desk support self-help tools to assist users in finding important service information on their own?
  5. What language is used?
  6. Which kind of data do you have? (Tenant, Company, location, contact, etc..)
  7. How much is your criticality? Do you need think about Availability over environment
  8. Thinking about maturity level, are you need integrate monitoring system


Service Desk Team


  1. What is Service Desk business hours?
  2. Do you have average use of system? How many users are currently logged in?




  1. What is your environment?
    1. Physical / Cloud
    2. OS
    3. Database
  2. What is your ldap service?
  3. What is your mail service?
  4. What is you inventory management system?
  5. What is you monitoring system?
  6. What is your antivirus?





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No one is completely  right or wrong and of course we always using PDCA (Deming cycle) and continually improve our knowledge.


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Aug 13, 2015 06:11 PM

Personaly i think that the most important thing are the processes and software it is just a way to automate and optimize them. So when we are starting project or improvement initiative we always think about the processes and how to define and optimize them. Everything else, it is just a pieces of the puzzle.

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