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  • Do you have a specific lib for each app that connects to LDAP?  If so, you can search for those files per app and then run a report You can look at network traffic going over 389/636/3269, but that is not ideal because when you run a discovery, that ...

  • hello there,  i need to discovery how many applications using LDAP integration? can it be done using BluePrint or not. if yes, hint something please. thanks in advance

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    DB Transaction Log size

    hello there,  i've CCA 12.8 sp2.  the problem i am facing is regarding Discovery.  i'ev schedule a discovery to run after every 4 days. after every time discovery finish, SQL transaction logs size increased to 20 to 25 GB. any idea how to resolve the ...

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  • CA Configuration Automation February 03, 2022 To:       CA Configuration Automation Customers From:   The CA Technologies CA Configuration Automation Product Team Subject: End of Service Announcement for CA Configuration Automation 12.8 SP06 ...