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  • I am trying to get this to download, is it possible to email this??

  • Hi, there Please get Native OLE Provider for PostGreSQL  set ConnectionString to UDL file. bellow link will help. I don't have env to confirm, But I believe that is the way to go. Kiyoshi

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  • Posted in: Plex 2E

    Hello Everyone, We have recently experienced a problem when it comes to the PLEX .NET Serverside causing database locks when the C++ does not. For example we have a function that dynamically populates a Treeview. When using the WinNTC server, no database ...

  • Posted in: Plex 2E

    Due to the number of conditioned fields we are using DDS Source to control the display attributes of the fields (not enough indicators).   Normally we don't have any issue with this process, but for the first time we have to condition a date (DT# in ...

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