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  • BlazeMeter Virtual Service Environments (BlazeVSE) for Service Virtualization are now available

    We are pleased to announce BlazeMeter Virtual Service Environments (BlazeVSE) for Service Virtualization are now available to our SaaS customers on under Mock Services.

    This is a significant milestone that not only brings the power of deploying advanced protocol virtual services to BlazeMeter but also greatly simplifies the management and lifecycle of a Virtual Service Environments.

    Here are some of the noteworthy points:

    • BlazeMeter VSE is a containerized, on-demand VSE seamlessly deployed from the BlazeMeter platform using OPLs as Docker and Kubernetes cluster. No dependency with on-premise SV enterprise (DevTest) components.
    • Created for SV enterprise customers for their Shift-Left testing, CI/CD pipeline driven, API first testing requirements which requires container friendly deployment of virtual services.
    • Supports core enterprise customers looking to migrate their applications and testing to the cloud by providing support for almost all advanced protocols for Virtual Services created using on-premise SV enterprise (DevTest)
    • Supports Out of the box tuned in to Performance mode to support performance testing
    • Integrated with BlazeMeter Functional and Performance tests
    Read more in the BlazeMeter VSE Documentation and watch our recent Blaze VSE webinar to see it in action.

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